End of training?

posted at 14h31

I'm running a marathon in 2 weeks now, and I heard this sentence last week "Have a good rest now, all the work is already done for the marathon"...oh I don't think so.. :s

I'm not a runner so these sentences scared me like a teenager who has forgotten to do his homework.
I thought that it would be over only one week before the race.

I think I have a lot to learn about a sport like Running races, it's a good point, I could only go faster!

So this week I have done some of these 3 sports :

Swimming :
- 5 swimming session : 9800m
A big swimming week behind me...but swimming sessions are not the priority right now and I go to the swimming pool whenever I want to swim : lately I have felt like swimming a lot!!!

Cycling :
- 2 outdoor sessions and one HomeTrainer session : a total of around 170k
It's not the best period for cycling with a late sunset and an early sunrise...

Running : (so end of preparation^^)
- 3 running sessions with 2 in interval training : 43k
I'm not mad about interval training but for the marathon, I have tried to do some of these to see if I can run faster or simply more easily on long distances like 42k...


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