Name:Guillaume Belgy
Profession:Data Manager
Diploma(s):Master in Data management
Coach(es):Nobody...or a lot :
- Me
- My girlfriend
- My friends who help me when I must run slower
- Fred who teaches me to swim without throwing all the water out of the pool
- My brother, former pro cyclist, who tell me "Keep calm and do some rest day"
- My father who tell me "Keep calm and do some rest day"
- My mother who tell me "Are you mad?"
- and some others...
Started triathlon at age:24
Sports practiced before triathlon:Cycling for the last 10 years and perhaps more
Table tennis when I was young ("Oh my god, I'm an old man")
Coming from:Niort
Living in:Niort
Favorite training sessions::- Swimming session at 7a.m before going to work
- Running session at sunset
- Bicycle circuit in "Marais Poitevin" only to breathe some pure air.
Hated training sessions:I don't do these sessions.
Preferred distances:Ironman, I have done only one Ironman but I know that it is what I prefer.
Other sports practiced:Is it not enough to practice 3 sports???
Max HR:Only god knows
Resting HR:I don't rest anymore
Best tri memory:The Ironmedoc, 1st Ironman which I ended in 3rd place in 9h00min09sec.
Relationship status:In couple with Clemence (My coach!)
Size (cm):182
Weight (kg):God knows all of me!
My start:A bet with my friends.
I was already a cyclist and signed a paper promising to do a triathlon in Les Sables d'Olonnes in 2012 with my friends.
Worst triathlon memory:I forgot it!
Thanks to:Thanks to all the people who helped me and thanks to all the people who will help me!
My passions:Sport but also cooking, movies and trekking in the mountains.