One week "OFF"

posted at 10:48

I am out for one week after I sleep 3 days long...

It's a non-planned break but I think it's a good choice before the last long way to the Ironman.

Indeed, Nice is now in less than 6 months but the work should now begin if I want to be in the best condition the June 28th, 2015!!




posted at 11:48

At these time of the year, swimming, cycling or swimming isn't the main objectives that all athletes or triathletes have.

We think about gifts we should offer to our family. But the sport isn't out for us, it is more a pleasure than a training when we go outside for cycling, running or to the swimming pool for swimming sessions.

As our meals are, most of time consistent, we can make some longer training as if we were in a ditetical period, so we don't have to listen to our training plan to reduce some effort or go home after a delimited time of sport.

So in December, do what you want in sport because you can eat what your stomach can't the rest of the year!



End of training?

posted at 14:31

I'm running a marathon in 2 weeks now, and I heard this sentence last week "Have a good rest now, all the work is already done for the marathon"...oh I don't think so.. :s

I'm not a runner so these sentences scared me like a teenager who has forgotten to do his homework.
I thought that it would be over only one week before the race.

I think I have a lot to learn about a sport like Running races, it's a good point, I could only go faster!

So this week I have done some of these 3 sports :

Swimming :
- 5 swimming session : 9800m
A big swimming week behind me...but swimming sessions are not the priority right now and I go to the swimming pool whenever I want to swim : lately I have felt like swimming a lot!!!

Cycling :
- 2 outdoor sessions and one HomeTrainer session : a total of around 170k
It's not the best period for cycling with a late sunset and an early sunrise...

Running : (so end of preparation^^)
- 3 running sessions with 2 in interval training : 43k
I'm not mad about interval training but for the marathon, I have tried to do some of these to see if I can run faster or simply more easily on long distances like 42k...


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